October 2016

A New Type of Relationship

I feel like now a day relationships are nothing but games.

It always starts off the same. Late night talks, and texts, endless amount of dates together. And then finally making it “Official”

But lets take a moment to think about that word “Official” what makes something official? Is it when both families know it has a title to it now? Or when its been posted on Facebook? When they add each other into their bios on Instagram? or because you can finally post a billion pictures together for the whole world to know?

It’s sad to say that we’ve become a generation that cares more about how many likes our pictures together can get. ¬†Or how many people can comment “#Relationship Goals”


A Fresh Start

After all the things that have happened these few months, I’m just glad that things are starting to finally get better.

Tyler passed his pipe fitting exam, which means his career can finally start.

Maybe things between us can start to get better, we can finally start to fix all the issues that we’ve been hiding under the rug.

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