September 2015

I don’t 

I don’t don’t miss you.

Sure I miss the memories we created, and the never ending moments of laughter. But that’s all in the past. 

We learn to accept that people change over time. That not everyone is meant to be a forever in life. 

Yet I sit here thinking to myself how lucky I am. Lucky to have at least experienced what I did with you, with anyone in my past over all. 

I’ve realize I don’t miss you, I miss who you once use to be. But I rather hold on to those beautiful memories, than to destroy myself . 



A Final Goodbye

Theres a million questions I had to ask you, yet I sit here in my couch knowing I no longer care for those answers.

Maybe once upon a time you were everything I ever wanted, maybe you were my dream come true. But now I’ve realized that stuff just doesn’t happen because you expect them to happen. You must pray about it with all your heart, you work towards those hopes, dreams, and goals but most importantly you have to commit to always fighting to have what you want.

I hope that one day when you finally realize you won’t find my eyes inside of hers that I didn’t lose you, you lost me with the actions that both of us made.

I wish nothing but the best for you, but today I say my final goodbye towards you. It’ll remain as an unspoken word between us, because it’s better this way. Know that I don’t hate you, but also realize that I no longer care for you like I once did.

When you look for my eyes inside of her I hope your heart doesn’t break into a million pieces like mine did when I was forced to move on

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